Past GeneCo Sponsored Opera Events

Blind Mag: Corpus Crusade Tour 2048

"Mag's vocals soar to wonderous heights never before heard by human ears. She is truly an amazing vocalist and has a very bright future ahead of her." - Zydrate Magazine
Amber Sweet: Dress Rehearsal for an Opera
"Amber Sweet can control a runway.  This Fashion Show that opened GeneCo's Genetic Opera this year was remarkable.  One day she'll have a set of pipes transplanted and I can see her being their new star." - Lon Stevens, The Star Press
GeneCo Chorus: The Organ Auction Opera
"Come finance your life tonight at geneCO’s widely-televised Organ Opera Extravaganza, where Luigii, Pavi, Rotti and the beautiful GeneCo Chorus will auction off the latest in Italiano-made body fashion. Start your bidding!" - Genetic Monthly

Blind Mag: Voice of a Generation (La Voce Di Una Generazione)

 "This particular Blind Mag tour has a message, she speaks on behalf of her generation, and it's definitely something that desperately needs to be heard!" - Organs For You
Single Mother Symphony: Sympathy (Live on Pay-Per-View)
"The story of a Single Mother was the most revealing opera I have ever seen.  I took two of my teenage cousins and we had to order the Pay-Per-View so that they could see more of this amazingly talented woman than they had seen before." - John Hancock, Television Multiplex Magazine

Blind Mag: Tao of Mag '053 (A Benefit for Blindness)

"This Mag tour was of epic proportions. Giant stages, new songs, millions of people. And all for charity no less! Wonderful!" - The National Blind Persons Association

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